John Deere B Tractor Parts

Need a part or two for your John Deere B? Wengers has you covered! We've taken the time to catalog the parts by serial number (and save you the guesswork). So, you will see separate lists below for serial numbers 59999 & belowbetween 60000-200999 and 201000 & above.

John Deere B History

The John Deere B row-crop tractor was manufactured in John Deere's Waterloo, IA factory between 1935-1952. It was created specifically for the farm & farmer that didn't require the size of the John Deere A. The original B comes in about 500 pounds lighter than the original A. 

Part of John Deere's Two-Cylinder Letter Series, the B is broken up in 3 serial # groups (which you can see above). These groups are also referred to as "unstyled", "early styled", and "late styled".

John Deere B Specs


Claimed Drawbar HP 25 hp (18.6kW)
Claimed Belt HP 28 hp (20.9kW)

Engine Model

For SN <59999 John Deere 2.4L 2-cyl all fuel
For SN 60000-200999 John Deere 2.9L 2-cyl all fuel
For SN >201000

John Deere 3.1L 2-cyl all fuel

John Deere 3.1L 2-cyl gasoline

Fuel System

Fuel Capacity 12 gallons

Electrical System

Charging system Generator
Battery Volts 6

Hydraulic System

Hydraulics type Open center
Pressure 750 PSI

Other Specs


4x2 2WD

Wheelbase Length 85 in.
Estimated Weight 2,898 to 3,800 lbs.
Cab Open operator station
Steering Manual