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Farmall Cub History

The Farmall Cub tractor is a legendary icon in the agricultural world, etching its place in history as a compact and versatile workhorse. Introduced by International Harvester in the late 1940s, the Farmall Cub was designed to meet the needs of small-acreage farmers, gardeners, and homeowners, offering a perfect balance of power and maneuverability.

With its distinctive red color and compact size, the Farmall Cub quickly became a favorite for a wide range of tasks, from plowing fields to mowing lawns. Its pioneering features, including a narrow front end and a belly-mounted cultivator, made it well-suited for cultivating crops in tight spaces. The Farmall Cub's impact extended beyond the farm, as it played a crucial role in post-war America's shift towards small-scale, diversified agriculture.

The enduring popularity of the Farmall Cub speaks to its durability and adaptability, with many enthusiasts and collectors preserving these tractors today. As a symbol of a bygone era in agriculture, the Farmall Cub remains an endearing representation of innovation and utility, embodying the spirit of a tractor that left an indelible mark on the farming landscape.

Farmall Cub Specs

Dimensions/Other Specs

Cab/ROPS type:  
3-Point Hitch Type:  
Final Drive:  
Differential Lock:  


Fuel Capacity:  
Hydraulic Capacity:  
Pump Flow Capacity:   
# of Valves:   
Lift Capacity:   


Engine Model:  
Engine Power:  
Engine Rated Speed:   
Engine Displacement:   
PTO Power:   
Rear RPM:  
Engine RPM:  
Fuel System Type:  
Hydraulics Type:   
Transmission Type:  
Maximum Speed:  
Charging System:  
Charging Amps:  
Charging Volts:  
Battery Volts:  

Farmall Cub History