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American British White Park

Wengers Farms was established in 1950 and has been in the registered "American British White Park" cattle business since 1995.

American British White Park has been traced back to as early as the year 80 A.D. Even with this extensive history, it is a breed that meets today's beef industry requirements. The cattle are moderately sized with females maturing at 1000-1200 pounds and bull weighing 1800 pounds or more. All the characteristics that today's cattlemen are looking for are found in these cattle: high fertility, calving ease, superior maternal instinct, outstanding vigor, dark pigmentation, predominately polled, and docile.

Improved Maternal Instinct

American British White Park Cows have maternal instincts far superior to the average cow. It is an unknown problem of this breed for cows to not claim their calves. The claiming of the calves by the first calf heifers puts these calves at a developmental advantage over other breeds.

American British White Park - Wengers Trooper


The Whites conception rates are high and first calf heifers conceive easily. Cows often remain in herds until they are fifteen or sixteen years old. This is an economic factor that cannot be overlooked by the commercial cowman. High percentage calf crops start with conception and American British White Park cows excel in conception rates.

Outstanding Vigor & Hardiness

Respiratory problems are virtually unknown in this breed. This is unbelievable and difficult to state, but nonetheless, it is a fact.

This breed comes from a very hearty background stock that survived in the wild many generations before being domesticated.

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This is a new association formed to unite the breeders of American White Park and British White cattle. These two breeds are actually the same breed under different names. Many of the cattle come from the same bloodlines and are not to be confused with the horned Ancient White Parks. This new organization does not register horned animals. The breeders of American British White Park cattle have put forth much effort to build a breed of the highest quality possible.

Give these cattle a try and see what they can do on your own farm or ranch. They cross well with other breeds, but actually produce the best cut-outs as straight line or pure "whites".

This association is proving to cattlemen through feedlot tests that American British White Park cattle are a superior beef producing breed for the modern beef industry.

Cut-Out Data Average
Ribeye 13.5 sq. inches
Back Fat .27
Grade CHoice 86%
Yield Grade 93% YGI&2
Hot Carcass 705 pounds
This information has been compiled by several breeders across the U.S.
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